Bloody Dinosaurs!

Oh no… I knew the day would come when we found “dino D-N-A”! Oh lord! You know what that means! That means they are going to clone all these dinosaurs, set them loose in our backyards, and watch as they eat our dogs and crash into windows and busses and… oh lord! Well maybe it won’t be so rash. Perhaps they will engineer them to be pygmy-sized dinosaurs, who are only allowed to eat a specific kind of pet food. They can sell millions. What an original idea!

Okay okay… I’m only half telling the truth. True, they have found some dinosaur DNA (Tyrannosaurus to be exact) within a fossilized skeleton, but what is not true is the fact that they are cloning them. In fact, it is pretty unlikely since they can’t even clone the DNA of the frozen mammoth found some years back. Oh darn. Well anyway, this is still a remarkable find, so if you would like read up on this, go here.