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Pine Valley Duplicate

So a little while back in 2012, I was working on a duplicate of Pine Valley to try and finish the level without having errors from modifying it. I was partially successful in that regard until I got to the geothermal plant. The Geothermal plant keeps mentioning missing triggers even though I ported over all of the triggers associated with them. Apparently, I cannot find the missing trigger and have searched all over the build 96 map. Anyway here's the last stable version I did.

For those asking why I didn't use the version of Anne from build 96, it was mainly because there's several parts of her that were broken. namely floating on water. The final model also just tends to be more stable in general.

-The ported over dinosaurs now have a greater wake up distance.
-Anne's final model vs prototype model.
-Triceratops and Camerasaurus/Brontosaurus skulls have physics (thanks to JPDS team for making them)
-Broken Stegosaurus fixed.

Things missing:
-Geothermal plant and most things beyond it. (including the bus stop and fence to the lab level)
-Raptor nest triggers and spawns (those need to be redone anyway)
-Mayan ruins (I ported those out of the level today though so they're in the archive along with certain things above.
-various plants and trees still need to be added.
-most, if not all the voice over triggers (may have ported them out. Check the assets and see.)

Known problems:
Dinosaurs tend to wander off a lot. Can't remember if I ported over the anchors or not.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone.