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  • Release Date December 14, 2020
  • Last Updated December 23, 2022
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Pine Valley Fixed v0.1

Basically, what you are about to download is Pine Valley from the Beta 96 fixed up a little graphically. Future changes may include fixes to other things involving the code and puzzles. I dunno yet. I just mainly did this to kill some time. Changes you'll find:

- Raptor skins are now replaced with the Tribe B final skins. As you know, the Raptors in the level had problems with the colors of their mouthes and their spots were really light orange compared to the other beta levels' Tribe B raptors. Special thanks to Machf for telling me how to fix mipmap issues. =) Thanks Pal.

-the T-Rex, who suffered from similar issues as the raptor has been replaced too. However, rather than a skin from the final, I replaced him with Asjad's Green T-Rex. Why? Well, from a lot of the promotional images, the "Beta Green T-Rex" apparently calls Pine Valley and a few other levels in the betas its home. Asjad's Rex is currently the closes we have that I'm aware of to that Rex. So, I put it in the level.

-Stegosaurus at the end of the level works now, however, I'm not sure how well, so be aware if it seemingly wanders out of the area around you and even tries to go into the ocean close to the end of the level. It has an anchor but I'm not sure if it's in the area or not, and anyway, I have the stay near in ATX disabled so I dunno what's going on. Need to see where the anchor for that Stego is.