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Tres: Reloaded - Town v0.6 Release 1

Trespasser: Reloaded is intended both as a final rendering of a great number of the deductions from the community about the Trespasser that might have been and as a chance to rework the game into a fresh and exciting form that the developers would only have dreamed of (or perhaps not).

The TresCom Community Project is to bring this complete set of levels to life, one at a time, by working together and distributing the work among those who have the skill, time, and dedication. The first level in the project is to be IT (aka TO), the "InGen Town". An incredible amount of speculation on what Trespasser would have been centers around the town and the various paths that lead to and from it, so I think it makes the perfect starting point.

In addition to simply making the town as it may originally have been intended, we're going to inject the long-lost TresCom Town project into this one. That's right - everyone interested needs to pick out a little spot for their bungalow, post a screenshot to show their "plot", and then deliver a GRF/SCN file to me so I can import your objects (with proper renaming) into the main version. This is on a first-come first-serve basis, so show us your spot as soon as you have it! If you wish to inhabit a more specific dwelling of the town (a room in the saloon, for example), just speak up and we'll discuss it. You can use either the smaller or larger bungalow model for your home, as long as you can fill it properly. Yes, you're allowed to import new objects like posters and crap, though it might be a good idea to bring it up with me before you do so we make sure all goes well. Copies of anything in the level are at your disposal, and of course you can import objects from other levels but again, you might wanna run them by me first, in PM or here.
Even better, if you want to model your own home, I'll help you make it happen. It doesn't even have to be a house, let's make this fun.

Now before ya'll go diving into TresEd, I highly suggest playing through it a little, first. 😉 Works perfectly in Trespasser CE - remember to have a copy of the retail Stream.tpa in data.

Go go go!