We received a message from Bill Brown (former composer of the fantastic Trespasser soundtrack) stating that he has released the soundtrack of his new game : Lineage II. Read the full story here on billbrownmusic.com.

But now to come to some more TresCom related news: We got the next 2 parts of the great TresCom story up! So all of you, who have been patiently waiting for the next part head over to our articles section and read on. You won’t regret it!

But this ain’t enough for today. We’re also starting another great weekly story: Trespasser: New Beginnings. Even though it features the same name as our comics, it has an entirely new and unique content. Sk8er has done a fantastic job on this, so our articles section is once again waiting for you.

We are still having a lack of ‘screen of the week images’, so we would encourage anyone to send in whatever funny Tres-image he has got. Don’t be afraid 😉