We opened up a new section on our forum today: “Spino’s Section”, in which you can post any ideas arround Spino2aurus great TresCom Story. You definately are invited to share your opinion with us as well…

Then we’d like to draw your attention to the fanart section. We’ve given Sk8er his own section, due to his great efford in sending in more and more images… He even send in two extra images, just for today, in order to celebrate his new section. Congratulations and Thank you mate 🙂

But that certainly isn’t enough for today. We also got news from Frost, who has been working overtime on his great Trespasser Fan Flick : “The Return to Jurassic Park”. he send us some exclusive informations, which you can read here.

And then we’ve finally updated our “screenoftheweek” images. Thanks goes to DarthRaptor. Please keep on sending in images. There are at least 30 more weeks coming up till the end of the year!