I am endebted to madppiper for giving me the honour of announcing this fine, news-worthy, proclamation-deserving, shindig-causing event. Yes, that’s right, the moment you’ve all been awaiting with a nigh-on uncontrolable fervour and eagerness has arrived; it is my pleasure to officially announce the release of the “TC-Isle Demo“, within which is included for your game-experience delectation a selection of not only the finest work TresCom has produced to date but also the admirable recent contributions of one Big Red. I trust it may it bring you joy on this day.

Regards, -Wajas-

– Madppiper adds:

WOW!Isn’t this great news? If this doesn’t cheer you up, then take a closer look at the fine screenshots provided by Rebel (just click on the image to get forwarded to his website):


What? You are still reading this paragraph? What are you waiting for? Grab the file and tell your friends!