“East Dock” Released

After months of work and several delays, this collaborative level by Draconisaurus and hppav is finally finished and available for download!

This level is the first level set in Isla Nublar. It starts out in a location directly from the movie where the player takes the role of Dennis Nedry who must make it to the East Dock with the Barbasol can full of dinosaur embryos. Filled with several new models with a Jurassic Park 1 theme, this level is certainly one that a Jurassic Park fan will enjoy!

To download, click here.

If you need some help playing the level, see hppav’s walkthrough.


“Myg”, one of our newest forum members, has released a beta version of his “ATXConfig” program. A very handy tool, this program features a GUI to allow you to easily customize the configuration file included with ATX! Make sure to download it.

Any questions or problems should be reported at his thread.

Trespasser II Movie

New forum member “Shadow Wolf” has begun a project to make a “Trespasser II” movie. Check out his public thread on the forum.

Site Repairs

Site repairs and upgrades are still underway, so please bear with us.