“John Hammond, the creator of Jurassic Park, and the safeguard of a Lost World, once wrote a memoir that recalled the rise and fall of a dream almost fulfilled…
Join us, as we take a look at his rare audio recordings, and flip through the pages of his long-lost notes documenting just what really happened on the remote islands off the west coast of Costa Rica…”
Its finally released! Fans of Hammond’s memoir from Trespasser can now re-live the experience in two new engaging ways that will drive them out of their minds!
The Annotated audio edition uses the complete John Hammond audio from the game interwoven with a brand-new character created just for this release (Thomas Hammond), you get to hear much more from the game’s original script as intended. Included are enhanced sound effects and brand-new music!
The Excavated book edition of Jurassic Time unearths the entire story of John Hammond using the original script by Austin Grossman, and setting it into the Jurassic Time storytelling narrative. Enhanced with exclusive photographs along with his old recollections, the 80 pages of the book feel like they really had been put together by John Hammond himself.
In addition to both of these editions, the website features valuable resources related to Trespasser, Jurassic Time, and other items. I hope you enjoy the brand-new experience!