In a surprise discovery, it has been revealed that Michael Crichton wrote a third, untitled, ‘Jurassic Park’ novel that was buried within his unpublished files and documents. Harper Collins, the publishers of his previous posthumous work ‘Pirate Latitudes’ and ‘Micro’, are currently doing final edits on the material to release the third novel by this fall.

“It is an unexpected treasure that words cannot describe,” a representative from Harper Collins said. “The files were unmarked, which was why we hadn’t discovered it until now. It is a breathtaking story that is probably one of the best Crichton had ever written. The way he continued the story is even more fresh than what he did for the other sequel, ‘The Lost World’. At the same time, it is the ultimate fan service.” Harper Collins was weary to share any more details at this time.

There is some bad news, however. Universal Studios released a statement in conjunction with Harper Collins that the next installment in the film series, ‘Jurassic World’, has been canceled in light of this discovery. Frank Marshall had some words for fans of the beloved film franchise.

“Due to the amazing discovery of a third ‘Jurassic’ novel from Crichton, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all production on ‘Jurassic World’ in order to make a faithful adaptation of this new material. The story is truly amazing, and better than anything we have ever come up with. Making our current production would contradict elements in the novel, making an adaptation of it unlikely to ever happen. We want to respect Crichton’s legacy this time, so we feel that putting in the extra time to go back square one will be the best choice. We are sorry to the fans and those involved in this current production for yet another delay again. But trust me when I say that the wait will be worth it. This new novel is incredible,” said Marshall.

There are bound to be mixed emotions with this news. Fans of the novels will be rejoicing, while fans of the films will probably throw their hands up in the air and no longer care what becomes of their favorite franchise ever again. The big question is: what plot does this new novel have that is so good to make an entire film production come to a halt to adapt it instead?