An island filled with dinosaurs
Is not the place to be,
But for Anne she has stumbled on there
On the famous place, Site B.

A passing group of Brachiosaurs
Is a wonderful sight to see,
But just around the corner
Is something very deadly…

Velociraptors! Deadly hunters!
Intelligent, vicious as they hunt in a pack,
Anne will have to be very careful,
And to always watch her back!

Further across the island,
More encounters with hungry carnivores
But none are more frightening,
Than the mighty Tyrannosaur!

The abandoned InGen village,
Is there a phone near by?
The broken radio in the Communications Centre,
Is almost enough to make Anne cry.

Tired and exhausted,
Anne continues on her way,
Ever since she set foot on this island
She knows she has become prey.

At the InGen laboratory,
Reboot the computer to open the gate,
After passing these paddock doors,
What will be Anne’s fate?

Start climbing the mountain
And send for the radio call,
This mountain is very steep
Anne must be careful she doesn’t fall!

Take a elevator to the Summit
And try to get to the helicopter pad,
But just around the corner
Is something extremely bad…

A giant Alpha Raptor,
Colored red and black,
Anne must find weapons
And get ready to attack!

The helicopter can be heard
It has finally arrived!
Anne has done the impossible
She has made it off the island alive!

– By T-Rextacy.