The Beach level is probably the closest to the final. At least in terms of what’s there anyway. Though, there are a lot of differences that are worth noting here as well. I have turned on the “Loc” cheat so I can show you what the coordinates of the hot spots in the screenshots are.

At the start of the Beach level, first thing you’ll notice is this airplane wheel not present in the final version of the stage. In the final version of the stage, it is replaced by a door floating in the water in front of you. The Airplane tail is still present in both builds though. Also, ignore the screwed up text at the bottom. That’s a tiny bug with the game and it doesn’t happen all the time.

The tiny incline with the rocks in the final that you need to jump on to get to the foundations area is missing and these two rocks are in the beta level instead. You can also climb up without any trouble. I guess the devs wanted to make that part a little bit tougher and also give a reason to practice the controls.

About here, (maybe a little bit before the coordinates listed. They may not be precise.) A John Hammond voice over plays that’s not in this spot in the final; this is because it seems odd that you’d hear Hammond’s voice before actually knowing you were on Site B. However, it’s not the only Hammond voice over out of place in the beach level. The one you can get to in the final by climbing the foundations at a certain point is still present in this beta. (See the Beach level’s Easter Eggs page for more info on that one.)

This trashcan can’t be found in the final. In Beta 96, they are found in several location. It’s the infamous trashcan where the keycard is hidden in one of the early pre-released videos from the Lab level.

I was looking around for the target practice area present in the final and couldn’t find it. What I did learn is that there’s only one fence here. In the final, there are two fences you have to pass. The first one is just after the target practice area and you can shoot it down with a simple gun blast. The second one can be pushed open. However, in the beta, it seems impossible to open…

Thankfully however, there’s a break in the fence that’s pretty easy to get through. Probably what was originally intended but changed for some reason.

The Ingen Construction site sign appears to have moved between the beta and final. In the final, it’s off to the side of the road. Here in the beta, it’s oddly placed in the middle of the road. Oh well, not the first time the Trespasser devs put something in the middle of the road. If somebody were driving a car through here, it’s an accident waiting to happen…

This may look like the spot this Anne Voice Over was in the final but it’s not. This is actually a little ways before the Brachiosaurus encounter. In the final, it places right before the small bridge puzzle and is followed up with “They’re probably out drinking right now. Anne? Anne who?” In the beta however, it’s not followed up with that.

I actually knocked this down before taking a photo. This is the truck that contains the Hunting Rifle in the final. The rifle is in a box and The box has a lid as well. The box isn’t use in the final but can be found in the basement of most levels. My guess is that it was removed because of collision bugs involving the gun and the box.

If that doesn’t discourage you from using it, the weird looking way Anne holds the gun might. It doesn’t quite look right should be more noticeable in another screenshot later if you can’t see it here very well.

The Brachiosaurs behave a little weird. Often trying to climb hillsides and bumping into things clumsily. They also don’t seem to make any noise. Usually they make moaning and whining noises when you are close by.

This hillside is in the final build though it’s a lot flatter and you can use it to climb out of the area with the Brachiosaurs. Here in the Beta Beach level however, the hill is much steeper and more difficult to climb. You’ll have to back track to the road and walk on it until you reach a pile of crates. Then you’ll have to shoot them down to get across a tiny drop that makes it difficult to jump onto the opposite side while in it. The crates will give you the extra height you need to jump out of it.

Nothing too special about this image. I don’t think that log is there in the final but it could be. Even so, you can see Anne’s awkward holding of the Hunting Rifle a bit easier now at least.

In addition to the way to get over to the other side of the cliff in the final using the odd bridge puzzle, there’s a broken bridge object not present there in the final and there’s a log you can use to alternatively climb out much easier. In the final, you can’t do this and have to do the bridge puzzle regardless if you want to or not.

In the final, there’s a weapons cabinet containing a Desert Eagle here. However, in the beta it’s not here. Probably because there’s no raptors up ahead in the beta. We’ll get to that in a minute though.

In the same location a Hammond voice over followed by a Hammond voice over followed by an Anne voice over not played in the final is played. “Oh God. Someone’s Gotta come get me.” Is the full voice over.

In the final, right around this area is a giant rock with a Raptor behind it. However, there is not rock present here in the beta. This makes getting to the Monrail Terminal a lot easier.

The terminal has some differences as well. For one thing, it doesn’t have the voice box that plays the “Welcome to Site B” stuff before dying. Instead, it seems to have what looks like a projected schedule of the Monorail. This version is actually in Jungle Road in the game’s final If I remember correctly.

Just below that is what appears to be a trigger. Strangely enough, it’s visible. Perhaps the voice box was going to be placed below it at some point, but the schedule was removed and they put it there instead.

The last things in the beach level worth noting are the gates that lead out of the terminal station’s area. The player can open them unlike the final! Just grab the bar that holds them shut and pull it down and push them open. “Welcome, to Jurassic Park!” Well… er… Site B rather… Alternatively, you can also just jump over the fence using the monorail tracks like in the final.


– glitchhunter09