The patch adds a folder in the Trespasser install directory, named “Patch”. Since the patch does not include the night version of the TestScene level, it is impossible to play it with the patch installed. In order to be able to play the night version, copy the files “TestScnNght.scn” and “testscnnght.GRF” from the data folder on the disc to the patch folder in the Trespasser install directory. The level can be accessed by using the level select cheat.

This article does not include changes made to the terrain, as it will require a great amount of time to find all of the changes. However, this information might be added in the near future.

Plant removal (Beach)

This plant is removed with the patch, probably because it went through the fence.

Baseball bat (Beach)

This baseball bat was moved from the truck for some reason, and placed on the ground instead.

Unpatched 116d

Patched 117d

It is possible developers wanted to reduce physics collision when picking it up.

T-script changes (Beach)

With the patch, “bool NoCache = true” is added to the billboards.

Instead of using overlay text to show the tutorial, it was changed to a “ResourceID” script instead. This is not noticeable in-game, though.

Removed foilage (Industrial Jungle)

Several foilage objects, some parts of the streambed leading up to the monolith easter egg and several billboards were removed.

T-script changes (Industrial Jungle)

The density on the object “Vstickj00-XX” is changed from 5 to 2.

With the patch, “bool NoCache = true” is added to the billboards.

Wu’s microwave (InGen Town) With the patch, Wu’s microwave is removed from the game.

Phonewires (InGen Town)

In the unpatched version, the phone wires are floating in the air. In the patched 117 version, the developers made new wires that fit.

Unpatched 116d

Patched 117

The phone wires in the streets of the town were changed to fit as well, though it was done by adding a pole in the middle of the street.

Unpatched 116d

Patched 117

T-script changes (InGen Town)

Instead of being a hint trigger the player must enter, the hint “This place is dead. I have to get out the northeastern gate, and look for that satellite link.” is shown after picking up the purple card in Hammond’s office.

Truck hood (InGen Lab) In the unpatched version the player was able to break the truck hood. With the patch, “BreakStrength” was removed from the script of the object.

Mayan objects #1 (Ascent, Part 1)

These two Mayan objects were changed between the both versions.

Unpatched 116d / Patched 117

Unpatched 116d / Patched 117

Mayan objects #2 (Ascent, Part 1) These two objects were removed with the patch. The object in the first image was located underneath the terrain.

The wall in the second image was possibly removed because it floats a bit, and moving it down would make it look weird.

Crates #1 (Ascent, Part 2)

Noticeable change with the 117 patch. It is possible the crates were moved to make them fall down easier.

Unpatched 116d

Patched 117

Crates #2 (Ascent, Part 2)

This is something interesting. Both images are from the exact same position. The raptor seen behind the crates is not moved in the patch, but for some odd reason, the crates were.

Unpatched 116d

Patched 117

Crates #3 (Ascent, Part 2)

A weird change. In the real world, the crates in the patched version would fall. It was probably changed to fit the terrain.

Unpatched 116d / Patched 117

Crates #4 (Ascent, Part 2)

The 117 patch fixes the gap between the crates, but the weird thing is the box they rotated.

Unpatched 116d

Patched 117

Killer-triggers (Ascent, Part 2)

This is the most interesting change in Ascent, Part 2. These two triggers were added with patch 117. Both are triggers that kill Anne if she gets inside them. However, they are placed underneath the terrain and cannot be reached.

It is possible they were meant to be placed between the rocks, as shown in the image below:

In-game it is hard to get back up if you don’t make the jump, so it is possoible developers placed them there to kill Anne. Falling from a rock like that in real life would probably injure a person, or even kill one.

– Tatu