It was a Brachiosaurus feeding on a wilted tree above me, its long, thick neck arched up to the top of the canopy.

“Wow, He really did it, John hammond created Dinsosaurs!” My heart raced as I realised that there must be more dinosaurs on this island. Some may even be carnivorous!

“Shit, this really is a bad day!” I got up and trotted down a large slope, still feeling lightheaded from seeing the largest creature on earth. To the left was another offroad vehicle, it was a 4×4.

“Man, Hammond must have hired bad drivers,” I thought! As I stumbled past some large rocks, I came to a kind of wooden beam which was being supported by some rocks. “Ooh, someone made a ladder,” I exclaimed in total sarcasm. Thats when I heard it: A snarl came from behind me, – I spun around only to be confronted by a human sized lizard. It hopped up upon the beam, and I fell back. In an instant, I drew my pistol and Fired at the orange stripey beast. I missed but the gun fire distracted it long enough for me to take aim again.

I fired a second time.


I hit it! The creature wailed in pain, turned and lunged at me! I fired again, this time hitting it in the mouth. The creature fell in a pool of blood. I got up and kicked the now dead beast. “No-one frightens me like that and gets away with it” I screamed – as if the thing could still hear me! I crouched down to observe the beast closer. “Wow,” I thought, “whatever this is, it’s dangerous.”

Just as I got up, I scratched my leg on something sharp. “OWW” I screamed, I looked down to see what had scratched me, It was a large claw attached to the beast’s foot. Thats when it dawned on me – this was a velociraptor.

“Velociraptor, Native to china and mongolia, Pack hunter, quite vicious and quite intelligent”

“Pack hunter eh?” I cluctched my pistol hard, hopped up onto the beam and carried on down the hill which lead to more ruins. I came to a large open plain, dense with plants and trees, and heard another snarl – this time from quite a distance.

I saw the raptor coming this time, it came out from behind some rocks. I fired off the last of my ammo, but hit nothing but soil. The raptor, however, had different ideas – it ran down the hill and lunged at me full pace. I threw my now empty Eagle at it. It stopped, sniffed the Eagle, looked up at me and snarled. I drew my Revolver and fired two shots at it. They both hit it in the head, and it fell to the ground.

“Hah, Not so tough now” I shouted at the now dead corpse.

I got up and carried on back down the hill towards the ruins. I stopped at some steps and looked up to see a kind of platform. I climbed the steps, holding the rail with my good arm, gun stuffed in my shorts. As I got to the top, I was greeted by the sight of railtracks. “Looks like some form of train or monorail was to be built here,” I thought out loud.

Whatever it was, it had never been finished. I began to worry about what might actually have happened to the people here. I went over at once to a small, rusted voice box and pushed the button – tt crackled and then an automated voice spoke about some of Ingen’s history.

“Man, I have to get off this Island” – I hopped onto the track and walked towards the gate the track passed over. A small bit of track was missing.

“Bah, I can jump that,” I half-whispered to myself. With a short run-up, I lept across the missing piece, but my bootlace must have caught the support poles. I tripped over, dropping my gun as I hit the ground. It fell off the track with a Bump.

Damnit, I hate this place!!” I screamed in pure anger and agony. I got back up, dusted my self off and walked over to the gate. “Hmmm not much of a jump” I crouched, having obviously not learned my lesson. With a more than casual last look around me, I leaned forwards and jumped. Time seemed to slow down as I flew off the monorail track – I hit the ground with a thud, and blacked out…..