Narrator: “What if the past caught up with you…”

Quick flash of island. 

Narrator: “Nightmares you’ve long had once again reliving themselves.”

Quick flash of the cabin of a plane, people screaming, looking around, but silent.

Narrator: “Dreams you try to forget, but can’t let go.”

Quick flash of a raptor leaping up.

Narrator: “For one woman…”

Shows Anne looking out the window of a plane as it passes over jungle.

Narrator: “Who’s lived the nightmares…”

Shows Anne standing on the edge of a dock, looking out to sea.

Narrator: “Facing the past…”

Shows a diffrent island: Nublar.

Narrator: “Won’t be a walk in the park.”

Shows Anne climbing over a fence as we hear a familiar roar.
Shows Anne running down a dirt path, something appearing on the trail bend behind her for a split second before the next shot cuts in.

Narrator: “For her…”

Shows the doors of the Visitor’s Center being pushed open, revealing the ruined inside.

Narrator: “Survival may not be an option.”

Shows Anne turn on a flash light in the dark, before whispering, “Oh my God…”

Narrator: “She must trespass once more…”

Shows Anne jumping over a waterfall.

Narrator: “To face her fears…”

Shows Anne pressing against a wall, sweating.

Narrator: “And end her nightmares.”

Anne looks around the corner, and we hear a snarl.

Black Screen.

Logo compresses with light thud of footfall to reveal: “Trespasser 2.” Fade out, compress in with “November”.
(Continue black screen as we hear:)
“I’m so sorry Anne…”

Anne: “It’s ok, I understand.”


(c) Sk8er