T’was the night before Christmas
and all through the World,
Not a copy of Trespasser
could be found in our Stores.

A little boy had asked Santa,
say here now, what gives?
There are no dinosaurs or
Site B to play with?

With a twinkle in his eye
and Santa’s laptop nearby,
Santa said, “Say hey, little
boy, there’s no reason to cry”

Santa typed in an address
and away the screen went,
to TresCom.Org, where Tres-
passer still lived.

The little boy’s eyes opened
as wide as they could,
for he saw software, then
screensavers and pictures
there too.

There was info, and game
There were new levels too,
and the lad nearly fainted
as he spied those editing

With a sly, little smile, the
boy glanced back to St. Nick,
“this is what I want,
Can you bring it right quick?”

Well, Ol’ Santa laughed while
he tugged at his beard,
Decried, “they’ll be no Big K-
Mart, or Walmart this year,
they’ll be only e-stores, and
Trespasser this year!”

Well, the little boy hugged
Later, walked off with a smile,
for he knew he’d be killing dinos
in just a little, short while.

Oh, what a Christmas, it’ll be
a wonderful day,
he’ll be playing Trespasser,
and wondering what Anne
might just say.

So, away with those toys,
those books and those clothes
Li’ tommy will be on an Island,
Alert, and on toes.

T’is a Trespasser Christmas,
or at least it is here
and from TresCom.Org,
We wish you many happy years…

– by Rebel