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Jurassic Park Island Series: Mountain Road

Your name is Anne Jones, and you have taken your private helicopter to Juan Fernandez to go to your friend's wealthy family club. On the way, you approach an island shrouded in fog. Costa Rican Air Officials on the radio begin warning you not to approach the island. However, you do not heed their warning.
Suddenly, a huge bird-like creature begins attacking your small helicopter. Anne hits her head on the dashboard of the helicopter. The helicopter nose-dives due to the animal's weight on it.
The helicopter narrowly misses a huge outcrop of rock as Anne approaches the interior of the island. Disoriented, Anne flies her helicopter straight into a tree, distracting the attacking "bird". However, the helicopter is out of control and hits the ground apruptly.
Now Anne has crash-landed on Isla Sorna, John Hammond's lost world. She is seriously wounded and low on health. You know what happened here and you know what inhabits this island. You now calculate your chances of surviving. They are extremely low.