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Jurassic Park Oblivion (JPO) Assets & Test Levels

Ah yeah, here it is...

There's a texture on the second floor model that has 4 placeholder textures combined into one (CRWall2). Never did finish those. I was planning on redoing a bunch of the textures for the Control Room, but didn't get that far. I didn't do any work on reducing palettes used by these textures though, so each one has it's own palette unless you go and make a new palette for them. I didn't know anything about palettes when I made my first couple JP levels

And there's a level in there that you wanted called JPOTestLevel, WH... That level has all the interior goodies I made for the control room JPO, but I believe they still have my old Connection Machines where the LED texture is on wrong so that it goes up and down instead of side to side... And there's a "More Complete" Visitor Center, which by that I mean it has more of the furniture I had made that didn't get ported over to the later level yet.