• Author TheIdiot
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  • Release Date December 14, 2020
  • Last Updated December 23, 2022
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Jurassic Park: Primal Instinct

Jurassic Park: Primal Instinct is the predecessor to TheIdiot's Return To Jurassic Park (RTJP).

"So I went on my very, very old computer running WinXP the other day looking for something and I stumbled across my old Tres folder on my second hard drive. I found a few extremely old levels I made years ago, the oldest dating back to 2008. One of the levels was labelled "jpark", so I had to open it up. Sure enough, it was the first ever version of RTJP - the complete and utter original, which I started in 2009. It appears I'd updated it sometime after in 2011, but probably mistakenly or something odd. Anyway, I uploaded it for completion purposes...it isn't much, just a few fences, gates and such on the foundation of my old Nublar heightmap. I think I made it as a test to check out the Raptor Pit and Main Gate that hppav made in an East Dock style setting. Eventually this blossomed into the final story of Return to Jurassic Park - at the time, the idea was actually called "Jurassic Park: Primal Instinct".
The story behind Primal was that Diane Forman was one of the BioSyn agents waiting on the ship to retrieve the dinosaur embryos that Nedry had stolen (before The Game came out and told that story!). Inevitably, she realizes he isn't going to make it to the ship, so she goes into the park to find him herself a couple hours after the T. rex attack. She does not find the embryos buried in the mud, and decides to go deeper into the park to try and find an alternative to them. Of course, the fences are down and the power out, so she is eventually trapped on the island when her ship is too critically damaged to leave the island following the storm and has to go around doing various tasks to repair it until she eventually escapes, calling in an airstrike to destroy the island. Just a bit different, huh?
Anyway, here's the file - I think it may actually be playable, but don't take my word on it."