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  • Release Date December 14, 2020
  • Last Updated February 26, 2022
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Retail Compatibility Patch For Build 32-PC Gamer .GRF/.SCN Files

This file contains updated .SCN and .GRF files for the levels from the Build 32 release (PC Gamer demo) of Trespasser, to make them compatible with GeomAdd, TresEd and the retail Trespasser engine and its mods (ATX, CE, etc.).

After having copied the PC Gamer level files and TPA files into a fresh retail (or demo) install of Trespasser, and having used pidRewrite with the PC Gamer .pid files and TPAupdate with the PC Gamer .tpa files, replace the original PC Gamer .grf and .scn files with the ones contained inside this archive. It's recommended that you make a backup first, anyway.