• Author RexHunter99
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  • Release Date December 14, 2020
  • Last Updated December 23, 2022
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Pine Forest

Creator: RexHunter99
Type: Full Level [BETA]
For: Contest
Name: Pine Forest [pf]

Note: Don't bother keeping the blue keycard... it's useless until the final version.

Well the level: Pine Forest, is a single level in a planned series of levels for this massive mod... though it isn't quite as huge as JPDS I do how ever have big plans for it (Looks at Draco expectantly)

Pine Forest still is a MoT (Month of Trespasser) entry level, but It's release will be the starting point for this entire series which was originally going to be called Extended, search back through my posts to see what I mean.

Expect all new Trespasser environments and use of every trick in the Trespasser engine.

Well... it's finally ready to be played after 3 run throughs at 3 am in the morning... *yawn* it's now 9:30 am, and I am exhausted... And PF still isn't done! Ahh well... you'll just have to judge what I did have time to put in there.
Any custom content never seen in levels before was created by me (or edited by me) the terrain textures however are borrowed from a free terrain editing application called LiquidLight.