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E3 Demo Finally Found!

E3 Demo Finally Found! We all thought it was lost. We all have asked if a copy had survived anywhere out there. Would we ever see it? Great news appeared in our forum a few weeks ago when our member Deadeyeguy_45 discovered a Tweet from no other than Seamus Blackley himself sharing his discovery of  Continue Reading »

New Trespasser Fan-Art & Magazine Scans

New Trespasser Fan-Art Do anyone here remember Uroš Begović? No? Some members might remember him from a few years back, when he made a fantastic fan-art cover for a Trespasser comic book (link). Sadly he never made a comic out of it, however, now he is back with some new fantastic fan-art. Head over and  Continue Reading »

Minor Fixes

After a report from -=CHE@TER=-, the thumbnails of some images here have been added. One image, which was missing (both thumbnail and fullsize) have been removed. This image have also been added to the artwork gallery. New Screen Of The Week Check out the new SOTW from our dear member Hilwo! As always, you can  Continue Reading »


Time for another Screen of the Week. This time Awesome24712 have sent us a fun image, check it out on the right. Download Section Update The download section have been updated. All files are now hosted on TresCom, so people don’t have to use fileplanet anymore. As you might notice, there is still fileplanet links  Continue Reading »


Check out the new SOTW from our memeber Velociraptor Alfa. Please continue to send in more SOTW to: Don’t forget to put a small description about your image, and the author of it. Scallenger’s Timeline Fansite Scallenger have told us that his fansite for the game Timeline will soon be up and running. Be  Continue Reading »