TresCom Ops releases Level

The entire team has been working very very hard to make this happen and today certainly means alot to us. Our new level is done and is waiting for ya to download. So head over to the “Creations” Section and download the file this instant. We certainly hope to get alot of feedback from you people. Even though we will not change anything on this level in the future anymore, the feedback is needed for our future levels. So if you enjoy our work, then please show us 🙂 (either by joining out community or by writing us an email)… Your support is needed.

So much for this. Not much to say, except that the last few months have been the most exiting in my life. This project was huge and yet we were capable of finnishing it. Not even a single year ago anybody would have expected that….

A huge thanks goes to for hosting our files again! You are awsome guys!