Now… your looking around… your smiling, having a good day… when you look up, and… *aghast*… now you see it! Your amazed! You can’t believe it! Its terrible, but you can’t you look away. You open your mouth to scream but your paralyzed with fear. If only you could scream… scream… throw your arms across your face and scream! Scream with your might!


THAT’S what is going to happen to you when you see the brand new additions to the Trespasser universe! Here at the elite team of TresCom, we have produced an astounding new array of creatures, some of which we are revealing to you today! Now! This very instant! As we release these terrible new beasts into the virtual world we have spent our very lives pondering in, rest assured, there are more where this came from! These top of the line dinosaurs are spared no expense (except for time and effort and… oh you know).

So now I present to you, Spitter and Parasaur… the eigth AND ninth wonders of the world!