TRESCOM OPS: Raptor Carnage!

Ahh!!! Run! Scream! Flee to your villages! Run in the long grass (muhaha)!Because guess what has made its way into the new TresCom level TC-Isle? A new and improved Velociraptor! But how did this happen? Well our genetics department here at TresCom has become increasingly advanced over the last few months (Take that, John Hammond! Ha!) and we have been able to alter the original raptor’s ‘genetic makeup’, providing the public with a fiercer and… by all means, freakier… creature.

So, being the great newsman I am, I decided to take a video camera out into the wild wilderness (if that makes any sense) of TC-Isle and get a glimpse of this freaky guy. The footage doesn’t last long, but thats because I was viciously attacked once it got to me, and hence, I lost a lot of the footage. Only the top half of my body remains, but thats okay. As long as I can type with my hands and look at the screen, my life is just fine, now isn’t?

So take a look at my footage at this link! Oh, and when you get the chance to go to TC-Isle, put on the dinos cheat or something so the same thing won’t happen to you…

(you will need to have the radtools installed in order to view this video!)


TC-ISLE: Unofficial Teaser Trailers!

Some guy that has been stalking me lately all over town named MikeTheRaptor one day decided to talk to me, and who would have known it, but guess what he made for me? Not one, but TWO exciting video trailers advertising the new TresCom level, TC-ISLE! Is that insane or what?! Well, insane or not, here they are! Kudos to the cool music to go with the images.

Here are the links to them, hope you all likie. Now, if I could only get this MikeTheRaptor guy to stop following me around… maybe I can lead HIM into a walk-in freezer…

tci-uteaser1 tci-uteaser2

There are also low-resolution versions available on our fanart page!