Today I saw an eagle circling in the sky. So beautiful, that it can only refer to one thing: The gods favour all of us Trespasser fans. And now guess what happened later today?

The gods sent Sakke! True the intro was a little lame, but our new highly motivated and talented forum member actually upgraded the old and rusty Trespasser graphics. Yeah, you read correctly. He actually created a Tres graphics patch! I honestly don’t know how he did it, but the result is amazing. You may want to look at these screenshots Scalenger took for you (noticed the enormous distance and the huge improvement on the ‘level of detail’). For comparison we will provide you with a row of original Trespasser images and with images of the same scene with the new patch applied:



If you want to be overwhelmed by a new Trespasser experience then download the fileshere

(note to all: The patch runs only on the full version of Trespasser)

TresFinal update on the Beach

JPh sent us an improved version of his ‘Trespasser Final’ level series. The level is still available for download. Grab the files