Stranded: Jurassic Park

After recognising that the other Jurassic Park related websites aren’t updated often enough anymore, I decided to include some Jurassic Park related news every now and then.(as a personal excuse: “Hey, this is what Tres is based on!”) I am gonna start with this news item for you folks: a new Jurassic Park fan flick is in the making! Justin Skeens send us the plot a few minutes ago. We uploaded it here for your enjoyment.

Isn’t there more to read?

Well, there is folks! Mega Raptor sent us another story: Survival!. So to all of you mindlessly studying / hard working fellas out there: How about reading something worth the effort for a change? Do so here

Big Red hits the Matrix!

To be honest I was immensly suprised when I read this: Community-member Big Red succesfully hacked into the exe once again and came across some left over code! With that info he created an entirely new tool to see ingame strings (which is useful for all the game modders out there) and also created an extremely cool “Matrix”-Mod for trespasser! Ever wanted to know how slow-mo Dinosaur bites look like??? then head over to his website and find our yourself! Awesomly done Big Red!

well, head over to his News-thread over at our board for more exciting updates…