JPDS: Developing Jurassic Park!

Five of our Forum members have teamed up to recreate a piece of movie history: the one and only Jurassic Park! The mod in production will feature 3 diffent levels, providing a long list of new additions to the game engine, such as a variety of new dinosaurs(a Spinosaurus and Dimetrodon are just a few to be named), lots of new buildings and of course a large list of new locations, which will all be based on scenes from the original movies and games.


If you are interested in the development, then head over to the JPDS forum or take a look at MikeTheRaptors DeviantArt website. He will show of new models as they arrive…

Server problems

Yes, this is some bad news, but our popular IRC-Bot “tresbot” had to be taken offline for some days, causing some minor flaws on the frontpage “Chatroom Visitor” – script. Luckily we got it all fixed by now. Happy chatting!

Happy Birthday TresCom

This is the first time of me mentioning it, but this is the communities 3 year existence on the GameSpy network! Within this time, we managed to have 450 people being registered on the forums, posting a total 30800 messages. (adding to the original 12000 posts on the old forums, we have now 42000 posts) I’d guess that more then 80% are truely Trespasser related, so I take this as a huge success for the community! It has been almost 7 years now ever since Trespasser was released, so I personally invite everybody to meet over at the Chatroom or on the forums and celebrate with us. Happy Birthday TresCom