Germans: Get your free copy of Trespasser

Boo! No, I ain’t dead. As a matter of fact, let this be an apology for my absence the last few months (has it really been that long? *digs up the old news* … Last post-entry on… chris.. CHRISTMAS?!?! OH MY!!!!). Well, I sincerly apologise to all of you. The last few months have been quite exciting as I launched a platform of my own (, which enables each and everybody to trade freely and free of charge! (there doesn’t even have to be money involved in the trades) But wait a minute… that sure is great and all, but how is that even Trespasser-related?

Well, lemme tell ya: I have been hording copies of the game for years now and guess what I am gonna do with em? That’s right: GIVE THEM AWAY! Anybody interested in a free copy of the original game, can make me an offer over at! (Unfortunately, the platform is for germans only for now, but I will work on international versions soon) So with a little luck somebody may even end up getting it for free. So have a look at the item here 🙂

Thanks for all your support!

P.S: Don’t worry, once I find the time I will return with more Trespasser related feeds!!!