JURASSIC TREK Audio Project Canceled

It’s a shame that this is the first news headline since March, especially since the last headline is on the same topic as this one. It’s an even bigger shame that I am unfortunately announcing that I am abandoning the project altogether. For those unfamiliar, JURASSIC TREK- The Anne Adventure was an audio book-like project chronicling Anne’s trek across Isla Sorna using most of her lines of dialogue with sound effects and music from the game. It was meant to be a follow up to my JURASSIC TIME project. The reasons for abandoning this project are mostly due to loss of interest in creating and dissatisfaction with testing results. I am sorry if anyone was really looking forward to seeing this come to be (especially after waiting so long) but I am afraid I have failed to deliver.

However, maybe one of you will succeed in delivering. I have decided to upload the scripting and sequencing I did for the project up online so perhaps one of the fans may take the reins and succeed where I failed. The full details are contained right here in a .zip file. I really hope someone else will step in and create something that at least resembles what I had tried to accomplish. Again, I wish I could have done more.