Trespasser Menu Patch released!

Well, we’ve started taking a closer look at the ddf files. So the outcome is a very neat new menu button : the quickload button. Which works just like the level-loading cheat 🙂 Take a look at that neat new layout here:

And then get the self-installer here. The installer will then replace the original mainscreen.ddf file and replace it with our new one. For all of you interested in creating a nice new theme for trespasser, read the Menu Editing tutorial up in our FAQ section.

Bill Brown releases new music files!

Rolf Mohr has released 3 more Trespasser music files a few days ago!The files are called: Mayan Temple, Forest Walk and “Apartment Crash Intro” and of high quality. Nothing more needs to be said…. grab the files here.

New Story coming up!

Sk8er (author of the infamous TresCom Story: “New Beginnings”)is currently working on a new story : Trespasser 2. Read the Trailer here

And even more news from Bill Brown!

Not only that he released the trespasser audio tracks, he also posted up a new intro track for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3 here. And an extra track from his Lineage II soundtrack : “The ominous visitor”. Get that file here

Nem’s working on a new level

I’m pretty sure that most of you remember Nem’s great level, which is still available in our download section. Well he got back into level-creation and is now working on a new one called “Lost Valley”. He also send us these screenshots for you to take a look at:

New fan work has arrived

Our new community member: Vorec send us this very nice image, which is highly inspired by Trespasser. Take a peek: