Let’s chat!

Well, we’ve been working overtime to set up a new chat system for you (we noticed that the old one has been broken for quite some time now). Let’s get the discussions going! You can access the chat by either using the link on the menu to your right, or by clicking here.

Rock baby, yeah!

MikeTheRaptor recorded several music strips on his guitar, which he now wanted to share with you. You can either download them in our fanart section, or download them directly:

Jurassic Park

Bond Theme


News from Rolf Mohr!

Rolf Mohr, Computer Artist of the original DreamWorks Interactive team, is up on an interview at the Superman Lives project (one of his more recently works). You can find that one over here. And he has also completed the Ratchet & Clank sequel: “Going Commando” for the PS2. And he’s been collaborating on the project: Machinephase. Follow the link here

I’m blinded by all the prettiness

Again we are willing to show you some extra images from our upcoming TC-Isle :