Old forum is back online

We have noticed, that our old forum (which is accessible from the menu) must have been inaccessible for a while now. We fixed that and got it all back up and running. So we hope that you’ll enjoy reading all of the Old Forum topics.

Previously unseen pre-release images!

Machf found these great images of the mysterious program named GUInterface used by development team of Trespasser:

And this is the text that accompanied the the pictures:



In response to recent questions raised on the message board, Brady Bell sends along these two images, which undoubtedly prove the exact polygon count of the t-rex in question (354, to be exact).

So, how the heck are they doing it? Something that never occured to me….bump mapping. Take a look at the second image which shows the model without the skin or bump mapping on.

Anyway, here they are….be warned, these are rather large.

This was found on an web-archive of the old Trespasser site at Planet Quake. It is Amazing that its still possible to find this ancient stuff these days. Thanks again Machf. Keep searching people! ๐Ÿ™‚

New TC-Isle images

Here are three new images as usual:

New TresEd release & new T-script utility

Andres has released yet another improved version of TresEd. It’s advanced but extremely easy to use terrain editing will make life even easier. Screenshot:

And if that weren’t enough he has also coded a neat user-friendly T-script editor.

That all can be download here.

What would this community be without you Andres?! Great work! ๐Ÿ™‚