Trespasser Hacking Society II Backed up

Due to the immediate possibility of loosing many freehosted Trespasser sites, I went and backed up another TresCom predecessor. TSOrd is the father of TresCom and this is where TSOrd started his work with Trespasser. The original version was plagued by horrible ads placed everywhere but I removed the ad code and uploaded the pages onto our server. Keep in mind that the downloads and off site links are all broken (the THS tools are available on our servers already through the downloads section here and the links page here has a better listing than the THS2 listing anyway, even if many links there are currently broken). You can view the THS2 backup here:

Trespasser Hacking Society 2 Homepage

Andres’ Jurassic Park Operation Genesis and X-Isle Dinosaur Island hacking page

I added another section to Andres’ homepage, the section where he posted his work hacking JPOG and the X-Isle Dinosaur Island Crytek technology demo. You can view it here:

Andres’ JPOG page