Late Screen of the Week

The new Screen of the Week is up! This week’s winner is Egghead! Check out his image to the right and discuss it in our forums!

Have a screen you want to submit for the screen of the week? Send me an email at trescomops*NOSPAM*@*NOSPAM* (remove the “*NOSPAM*”s)! Be sure to include the name you want listed as the author and possibly give a short description to go along with it!

It was late this week due to scheduling conflicts, I had some loose ends to tie up before I finish my first degree.

TresCom Community Project

Draconisaurus has officially kicked off the TresCom Community Project. As stated in his initial post:

“The TresCom Community Project is to bring this complete set of levels to life, one at a time, by working together and distributing the work among those who have the skill, time, and dedication. The first level in the project is to be IT (aka TO), the “InGen Town”. An incredible amount of speculation on what Trespasser would have been centers around the town and the various paths that lead to and from it, so I think it makes the perfect starting point.”

Be sure to follow along or even participate by going to the TresCom Community Project thread

Sneak Peak for TC: Rescue

Rebel has passed along an interesting image of something that will appear in future releases of TC: Rescue.