It’s good to have access to the Control Panel again!

Some functions of the site are still being worked on. Registration will be back sometime soon, after our dedicated team (IE: Remdul and MP) gets all the kinks out. We are currently unable to change forum options or manually register accounts at this time due to maintenance. Once the system is back up and running, we’ll let you know!

As for the Screen of the Week, keep sending them! I don’t have access to the FTP so I can’t host them locally yet but I can use my ImageShack account to host them until everything’s fixed up.

This week’s SOTW comes from glitchhunter09

Free Image Hosting at

“I call him Tiny the Messed up Raptor. Hideous abomination of mystery or obscure freak of nature. You be the judge.”

Send in your SOTW submissions to trescomops*NOSPAM*@*NOSPAM*