Trespasser Walkthrough From 1997!

For the next 11 weeks, I’m going to post one level each Monday. The parts I will post, is from a walkthrough written in 1997, revealing some of the original layout of the game.

Part One – Beach

Situations which have been planned but not designed yet will be marked with an asterisk: *


The beach introduces the player to our game, and will play up the important aspects of what Trespasser is all about: beautiful scenery, our plot as provided through voiceovers, and physical interaction.

The player begins on a beach in a sheltered lagoon. The air is warm and still, the sky is a cloudless pale blue, and it is the most perfect tropical summer day imaginable. To the north, the island landscape begins – a lush jungle, misty hills and deep valleys invite exploration. To either side, the beach stretches away, terminating in steep cliffs that prevent passage. Ultimately, the only way to go is inland.

The beach also offers an intriguing ruin, or the traces of one – a partial concrete foundation is sticking up from the sand and the shallow water – clearly it was once part of some extensive building project (in fact, it was going to be the InGen Visitors’ Center, a massive hotel-like building – only a part of the foundation was ever completed).

The plot and reason for gameplay will be triggered when Anne sees some concrete blocks on the beach, with InGen markings. (Presumably, the Anne has already said something like “Where am I?” just as the player first gets control). Here, the player learns that she’s on the Site B island, and also learns just where the Hammond speech is coming from, via a speech by Anne stating that she remembers reading Hammond’s memoirs.

*Your first objects
Some objects lie on the beach for the inquisitive player to pick up and start toying with, such as pieces of concrete, sea shells, and logs.

*Awesome view
The player can climb the concrete blocks to get an awe-inspiring view over the jungle trees.

*Leaving the beach
(Puzzle to leave the beach? Perhaps beach is fenced with that dune-drift-preventing fence and the entrance to the forest has a gate which the player merely needs to open, making it the absolutely simplest puzzle possible – I agree it is somewhat lame to fence off the whole beach, but this does solve our immediate problem of ensuring that players go down the right path.)

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