Trespasser Walkthrough From 1997! – Part Eleven – Summit



At the top of the Raptor Kong sequence, or whatever the final portion of Ascent is, there is a double set of mechanical counterweight elevators – you put a greater weight on the raised elevator than what sits on the lower elevator, and they exchange positions. Usually, though, there is someone at the top to aid in this process – there is currently nothing on the raised elevator. Anne needs to throw things or shoot at something like a portapotty which is in just the right position to fall into the upper elevator, raising her up. An extra level of sophistication which raises the possibility of getting the puzzle into an unwinnable situation is to make Anne have to move elsewhere to get the weight onto the upper elevator – maybe she can climb most of the way up the cliff to be in a good position to push the weight from the bottom with a stick, but she will have needed to set a brake on the lower elevator (we can either have a brake lever or have another weight at the bottom she can move onto the lower elevator, then push off once she’s standing there). Given that Anne needs a counterweight which weighs at least a little bit more than she does, the most probable way to cause something of that weight to fall into the elevator is to have it right at the edge of the cliff, poised to fall over, with some rocks under it which are ready to give way and only need a gentle push, or else make it an extremely top heavy object which unbalances very easily.

(Note: if we want to control the weapons in the summit fight, we can fix it that the elevator will only run with Anne’s minimum weight – no extra objects allowed).

The summit fight

Don’t ask me how three of the toughest raptors got up here when Anne had such trouble – maybe they know how to operate the elevator, ok? Or else there’s another back approach to the summit which Anne couldn’t get to but they came from – maybe it leads down to a good hunting zone halfway down the opposite side of Mt. Watson or something. Anyway, not like Anne has time to interrogate these raptors about the possibility of their existence as they begin to slowly stalk her from three separate directions.

This fight will play out like a much more dangerous version of the town fight. The summit is a tiny little area, about 30 yards square or so, with a small corrugated-steel shack, a tall radio antenna, and a little wooden storage shed (and probably a statue of John Hammond, too). There’s not a lot of debris for Anne to pick up and wield, but there is a gun (guns?) inside the shed. If she shuts herself in the shed, she will only have a few seconds before a raptor batters the door apart, so hopefully she will be fast in picking up the gun. The raptors in this area will continually circle her, darting in for one attack and then darting away again if she so much as brushes them with a club. The player will need to be very aware of her surroundings to survive the simultaneous attack. They don’t attack particularly quickly, but because they attack from three different directions, it will be a very difficult situation to keep track of until at least one raptor is dead.

The radio shack

When Anne enters this structure, a nerdy young man will delight in pretending that he knows more about electronics than she does… er, I mean, the corrugated steel building houses the island’s emergency transmitter. Even this building is locked, just like everything else on the island. And Anne can’t batter the door down however hard she tries, or find a key hidden anywhere. If she looks around all sides of the shack, though, she will see that one of the walls doesn’t meet up to its mate at the corner. All she needs to do is insert something like a crowbar into the crack, and push, and voila – just like a can of sardines she can pull back a whole wall of the building, at least enough to enter.

The Hammond statue

When Anne inspects the Hammond statue, she gets some particularly powerful quote from him, maybe, and says something of her own with a degree of finality. There may be some hidden secret here, like taking the statue’s amber-topped cane or something, which maybe could alter the ending scene a bit.

The end

Anne solves a simple puzzle to use the radio (perhaps find an appropriate frequency on a piece of paper posted beside the radio, or even more fun, hand-crank a generator enough to get some current going – though the whole point of turning on the geothermal station was actually to power this transmitter, I think), and the end game sequence begins.

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