A Trespasser Christmas

Ah, Christmas! A time honored family tradition that certainly brightens my heart. The food, the weather, the panic attacks you get when you realized that you forgot that grandmother is visiting and you did not get her anything yet again – it’s all fun! Here at TresCom we honor our own tiny traditions and boy are you in for a treat! New levels, new announcements, sentimental feelings and more – this time of the year is the best! You’re welcome… uhm… I mean

Merry Christmas! YAY!

TC-Level Re-Imagined

With TC-Level, or TC1, the first time in its history the community was given a truely new experience: new dinosaurs, new models, new locations, an outro-video. Everything was polished and stunning!

Alot of time has passed since and today, inspired by the success of the original TC-level, we have come to see many original fan levels. Reason enough to up the ante! More than a year under development, we are proud to present you with a completely reimagined TC-level. Think you were stunned before? Give this a go and be wowed. Compys, new raptors, a balloon ride, new weapons and destroyable objects. There isn’t much you cannot do in TC-level. You are welcome!

Click here to download our TC-level installer!

Rebel’s Xmas Sliders

Just when you thought we spoiled you enough, we find legendary trescom member Rebel silently sending yet another present your way: Xmas Sliders!

Starting out as a simple looking application, this game is gueranteed to get you hooked. Ever since it infested our tiny little machines, the entire team has begun blaming Sliders as the sole reason to keep us from working. Kawabonga!


Click here to download your free version of Xmas Sliders!

You are stranded on the REAL TC-Isle

Just like TC-level, TC-Isle is infamous for its unique gameplay, heavily scripted events and enormous amount of new content. Ever wanted to shoot a scoped rifle? Take a ride in an elevator to an underground cavern system? Feel the rush of adrenaline pumping through your veins as you run for cover from a TNT-explosion? Be locked into a stranded super-tanker? Well, dive into this completely renewed adventure and find out why people refer to TC-Isle as the greatest addition to Trespasser-gaming since it’s original release. You just got served!

Click here for a stand-alone installer.

News-Break: JPDS shipping soon!

Leave it to forum member Draconisaurus to keep you guessing! Just when we thought the long awaited level series JPDS was cancelled, we are proven otherwise! Word has it that JPDS is not only in development, but actually shipping within the matter of DAYS!

You hear me? DAYS! If this is true, we are gueranteed to expect an early start of spring! Together with the TC-levels, JPDS is expected to push the Trespasser experience into a new direction. SHAWOOOOM!

TC-Rescue Me!

After the success of TC-level and TC-isle many people doubted that a third addition could add much to the series. Then comes TC-Rescue as a final conclusion to the series and catches us entirely unguarded!

On a deserted island, where boars and hissing geysers leave a mark on the area, you find yourself once again trying to find an escape. But let me tell you: this level is unique on a whole different level. If you thought TC-level was an adventure and TC-Isle action-packed to the max, TC-Rescue will keep you challenged with puzzles galore! Without ever being unfair, this puzzle filled killer of a level will keep you guessing for hours. Boom!

Click here to Download the Trescom levels today!
Continuing with the Christmas releases, here are two original listings:

Anne voiceovers list

Hammond voiceovers list

These lists contain the lines that were read by Minnie Driver and Sir Richard Attenborough for Trespasser, as well as the details of how and where they were intended to be used inside the game.

Another server switch?

To conclude this years christmas special: Good news from the system admins! We have heard all of the recent complains about server stability and we are currently evaluating our options. Word has it, that a solution is to be expected soon… 01001101 01100101 01110010 01110010 01111001 00100000 01011000 01101101 01100001 01110011!