Well, not precisely JPDS, but definately a huge “guess who’s back” coming from our forum member Draconisaurus. As a great new start for the year, Draco prepared a contest for all of us to participate. Here’s to the facts:

* As with the most successful contest here, the Week of Trespasser “ContestLev” contest, a pre-built basement level with empty playing area has been put together by me for people to base their entries off of. However in this contest, you are completely allowed to import new things.

* The primary requirement for this contest is that your level has a central WINTER theme. We’d prefer it if you started using this template level but if you can manage to start one from scratch in the time allotted, you can.

* There will be actual physical prizes given to the winners of this contest, with shipping paid by me in full up to $10. Prizes will be announced soon!

* We’re giving you until noon (Eastern Standard Time) on March 1st to complete your entry. Post the link to your completed submission in this thread as soon as it’s ready.


For further details on how to participate, please head over to our forum thread: Click here!.

Guess it’s already starting to be a grand new year. May the best entry win – Kazonga!