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New Trespasser Story!

It’s been a long time since we had anyone doing this kind of stuff, but it’s our pleasure to give you, for the first time in years, a whole new Trespasser story. Please welcome Ben aka badraptor92’s fantastic story, one chapter each week here on! This is what badraptor92 himself say about it:

“I decided to write a short novel on Anne’s adventures on Site B because I felt that the game had a

very good storyline. Playing it as a game is one thing, but having a story that chronicles her journey

and in which you can know Anne’s inner feelings really appealed to me. Even more appealing to me

was the inclusion of Richard Attenborough’s voiceovers as John Hammond. Seeing the forgotten

lost world in the present, while hearing Hammond’s solemn memoir, struck me as a great literary


You can find the first two parts: Foreword and Prologue HERE

Trespasser: Anne And Hammond’s Audio Adventure

If you missed it the days before Christmas, our forum member LtSten released a incredible audio story. If you listen to Scallanger’s fatastic work with Jurassic Time, you will love this. This time you follow both Anne and Hammond during Anne’s adventure on Site B.

You can find the download links HERE

Nick3069’s Multimedia Project Released

Some people might remember it, some member might joined after our member Nick3069 posted about his school project. It’s a fantastic piece of work, but you should take a note that the menu is in french, but you should be able to find your way around even if you don’t know the language.

See THIS thread for further info and download link.