The last part of JPDS have been released – JPDS~Trails. This is the final part in the series, and this is probably the end of the JPDS series.

JPDS~Trails is the last planned part of the first JPDS1, in this level, plus it’s two sublevels – HRS and Forest, you will see a lot of new stuff. These levels do not have the same amount dinosaurs or groundfolige JPDS~Streams and JPDS~Plains had, and are the most “incomplete” ones, but I can ensure you there is other amazing things in these levels.

You can get it here:


If you have any questions, or want to tell your tails about the level, please post it here.


On Draco’s request, the final version of JPDS~Testing have also been released. This is where you can find all the testing he did for JPDS, and is a good level to learn how to script events.


As above, if you have any questions or thoughts about the level, please post it here.

JPDS Private Forum

The private JPDS forum have now been open to the public. Please check it out here, and see what the rest of JPDS were suppose to be like.

New Easter Eggs Section

After several years, the easter eggs page have got it’s own make over. It’s no longer an easter eggs page, but a “Did You Know?” page, where you will find all kind of different information you didn’t know. Check it out now here. The credits go to all the great members of the community, and to everyone who found everything.

Updated Article Section

The article section have once again been updated. This time an article on the difference the patch make to the levels have been added.

Tatu have also been starting to turn old forum articles into PDF documents, so people can read it either on the site, or download them. Please note that some may be outdated.

You can see both these in the articles section.

Updated Weapons & Dinosaurs Section

Both the weapons and dinosaurs sections have been updated. Most noteable is the weapons section, which got plenty of new contents.