Intruder: Isla Sorna Demo

Some of you might remember Deagles4life’s work on remaking Trespasser in the Unity engine. He made some really nice progress and have now released a new Demo for it. The Demo can be downloaded from below.


“The download contains both version 2 and version 3 which are listed as v.2 and v.3”.

You can follow his progress on his Facebook page.
You can also find the original release post in this forum post.

Level download section updated!

Out download section for levels have been increased with a lot of new (old) levels. It contains various work made in the past. Some have been released before and some don’t. Machf have done great work going though his files to find old and lost fan levels.

As our download section have started to increase, work as began to make new subcategories for easier navigation. Updates on this to come.