Seamus Blackley Interview

Part 1 of 3. What was Seamus Blackley’s role into the creation of the Jurassic World franchise? What is Trespasser’s role in this? The inspiration that Trespasser give still lives on today. Our own Scallenger was lucky to be able to interview Seamus Blackley about his role in the creation of the Jurassic World franchise. Part 1 is out, where Seamus talks about how he ended up working on Trespasser, as well as his experience during development!

MinePass Video Update

We’ve got another video for you as well. MinePass, a Minecraft project by MinePass where they seek out to recreate Isla Sorna inside of Minecraft has posted a video update, showcasing the current project. It is a massive and creative project, which is highly recommended to follow!