Ok! So in 1998, Trespasser was released! It ultimately failed due to certain specific problems which a group of hackers planned to fix. The Trespasser Hacking Society (THS) was formed, and they vowed to make Trespasser the game everyone had hoped for.

Dreamworks Interactive disregarded the group, stating that even they (DWI) hadn’t been able to create a stable working game or editor, letalone some group of hackers. Not long after, THS was disbanded.

It wasn’t over for Trespasser, however. THS II was born, with one notable member named “TSOrd,” or Charles Hughes, from Connecticut. When THS II finally broke up, TSOrd went on his own to set up Trespasser Secrets. He proceeded to make amazing discoveries and planned to create remarkable utilities that promised to finally turn Trespasser into what everyone dreamed it would be. The future of editing Trespasser looked bright.

Then, on September 9th, 2001, TSOrd made his final update to Trespasser Secrets.

09/09/2001Still looking for a job. My wife and children are already in Texas. Very, very busy.

Anyone know Richard Garriot? I’d sure like to work for him.

And on that note, TSOrd disapeared forever. Nearly three and a half years later, no one knows what happened to Mr. Charles Hughes.

Although Trespasser Secrets was done, a new group was forming. Current TresCom President Madppiper (Paul) was working on a fan film called “Jurassic Park: Survivor.” He’d set up a forum on his Diehard server. He’d had a Trespasser section set up there as well. With the fall of Trespasser Secrets, many members of that forum moved over to Madppiper’s Diehard board. Members like Rebel, Remdul, myself, and Andres James.

Thanks to Andres James, TresCom had it’s editor, which actually originated as a level viewer called TresView. One day while viewing the latest version of TresView, Remdul suggested, “If you can view the levels, why can’t you edit them?” It wasn’t long after that when Andres released the first version of TresEd.

Andres James has since retired from creating utilities for Trespasser, but his contributions are undoubtedly what keeps TresCom running today.

Before long, the name TresCom was born and the diehard forum underwent it’s first major change. As the community grew, the website TresCom.org was born.

Shortly thereafter, TSOrd’s domain finally expired, and Trespasser Secrets disapeared. Fortunately, TresCom had made a backup and today, anyone can see it through TresCom.org. Although the website was saved, the expiration of his account destroyed any and all hope that TSOrd would be coming back.

In time, the TresCom forum had it’s final makeover and recieved an offer from Gamespy for hosting, which TresCom accepted. TresCom members and the newly formed TresCom Ops then began releasing levels. TresCom Ops recently released its second level in November.

Hardly a few months later, Big Red began the first major work on hacking the game in ages and today, almost 8 years later, Trespaser has shed all the things for which it had been criticized for in 1998.

And so that brings us to present day. A group of people spread out around the world, each with his own talents and contributions.

But don’t forget, when you’re playing that next level, or making your next post, that all this was made possible by several specific people. Some of them, like TSOrd, don’t even know the full extent of their influence.

So here’s to TresCom, and let’s wish TSOrd the best, wherever he is.


– MikeTheRaptor