New Levels

It is rare these days that we get new members in the community that also have a huge interest to make new levels. One of our latest member, morningstarring has released no other than 2 new levels in the past 2 months. These fan levels are modifications of retail levels which is a rare thing now in the community. Be sure to check them out!

Redwood Road

Download it here: Redwood Road Download (43.91MB)


Download it here: Airfield Download (54.41MB)

Assets In The Making

Draconisaurus has shown us his current work-in-progress model he’s been working on for a few weeks – an “African Cape Gun”. Many hours has been spent on this to make sure its been done to perfection. He released a video of it in action:

Trespasser In Source Engine

killer89, also known as Mattila22 on our Discord has been working hard on recreating a few areas of Trespasser inside the Source engine. Their latest project have been to recreate Industrial Jungle, which is a huge undertaking.



You can follow their work on our Discord (Link in the right menu, below the forum link), or on our forum: Hunter’s camp & Lab complex in Source engine

Fan Art

We don’t get many new fan arts on our forum anymore, but that doesn’t mean no-one is making any. Draconisaurus have discovered several fan arts the past month on the internet.

©Lee Fitzgerald -©MiryAnne -

You can find more on our forum: Internet Trespassing

More Fan Art

While we rarely do get new fan art, Draconisaurus has shared some of his drawings, some which are Trespasser inspired, make sure to check these out as well.

Check out the rest here: Drac Sketching