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Well I just started playing around with the different blending modes in photoshop, and was able to come up with a bunch of variations for skins for the raptor model.

In the pic, they are shown on an edited version of the tc-isle raptor which Ihaven't yet been able to get rigged properly. Still working on that. But the skins will still work on the standard tc isle raptor mesh. In my laziness I didn't clear out any extra stuff that might be inside these folders so that should be up to you. I think all bmps are 24bit so they'll need to be converted. Yeah my altered tc-isle raptor mesh was included. However it doesn't really work in game, so I wouldn't suggest importing it. As far as the low polyness of that model, it did that itself when I opened the mouth. I believe a similar thing happened when machf made a closed mouth version of the T Rex. Not sure why it does that. Anyway though the reason I made it open mouthed was so I could rig it better, hopefully to get it to work with the raptor bones. I spent a few hours going back and forth positioning it to try to get it to work on the raptor bones, without having to change it. didn't ever get it to look quite right, and I always had some problems assigning vertices due to the closed mouth, hence why I edited it to create an open mouthed raptor. It would be nice to see the model in some kind of game, with those textures. But either way, I think I ended up with some cool looking textures.