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  • Release Date February 6, 2023
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Current version: Final (2023-03-12)

Optional Update For Current Version: Final: Optional Update (2023-04-01)

With its Captain apparently washed overboard during a storm, Anne finds herself alone on a
sinking boat. As luck would have it there is a small island just a short swim away, yet her only
hope rests with her signaling a passing ship that she is in desperate need of rescue. It is up to
you to see that she is.

(Save games are possible as of BETA release).

Weapons: Due note, the pistolbow is not a fast, repeating weapon as it needs to complete its
reload (drawback) for it to work effectively and properly (neither is it a long range weapon).
The machete/fish scaler is a formidable weapon if wielded properly (using a stabbing motion
is more effective than slashing), it's best not to leave it behind. Two other weapons exist, I'll
not cover them here (though they are covered in the spoiler walkthru).

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