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  • Release Date December 14, 2020
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Fall Lodge

"So, how many here have passed by machf's "Autumnal.zip" file in the Downloads section? Personally, I pass it a lot and using its contents has been in the back of my mind for years. Well, I'm pleased to announce that I have decided to not give up my laptop (which I've been carrying around with me) and continue modding Trespasser with the rest of you lot. My next project has a principle autumn theme, and will reimagine the PH post-start terrain area in a Fall-time idyllic farm setting. The version of PH we have, as a level, is in my opinion far too unpopulated with environmental assets. Wide open spaces stand mostly empty, and the lack of guns means you are pretty much wandering around running from the occasional dinosaur the whole time. FL will explore what PH's set-up can be turned into.

Minor note - I did not realize when beginning this project that machf's autumnal trees are all billboard objects. I intend to use them and am not interested in creating a whole new slew of autumn-colored, 3D foliage. It might be slightly jarring as such but consider it from the perspective of experiencing high-detailed autumn foliage imagery in the Trespasser engine."