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  • Release Date December 14, 2020
  • Last Updated December 24, 2022
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Here's another public version of my SoKoTres level. (Or maybe I should rename it "SoKoAnne"?) It's an implemantation in the Trespasser engine of the first level of the popular game SoKoBan. Here Anne is inside a labyrinth and she has to pull huge crates into place in order to finish the level. Don't attempt to grab the crates to pull them, as it may backfire and you may end up dead!

Currently, the locations where the crates should go are marked by floor tiles with red borders. On later versions, I may use "ghost" crates instead... I haven't decided yet.

The plan is to eventually implement all of the levels from the original SoKoBan (which were 20). Or maybe the ones from SoKoBan 2 (which were increased to 50).